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Сообщение 12 май 2018, 11:25
JosephGalvan Пользователь


Let me start by saying I've been a longtime fan of the total war series, and have played the game since the first Rome all those years back. However Medieval Total War 2 has always remained a favorite, even in the the wake of the new additions to the series. Unlike the new additions however, MTW2 did not have a multiplayer campaign, and relied on a hotseat via email to come close.

I have done something a little different that may be of interest to TW fans like myself. I have brought MTW2 to a forum with a history of Forum based strategy games referred to as Balance of Power, set in the Cold War typically.

My game takes it back from there, to the year 1274AD. Putting players smack dab into the latter half of the turbulent late 13th Century Europe & Middle East. The Forum is open to be viewed by the public, so have a look.

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