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Betting 'strategies'

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Сообщение 10 май 2018, 11:01
JosephGalvan Пользователь


Just curious to see [for those willing to share] what sort of betting 'strategies' do people use/have used?

I have read a bit on "bet leveraging" with live bookmakers but haven't actually put it into practice yet.

Another 'system' I have used it betting on live games at the very end (ie: soccer match – total goals scored and I bet at the 85th minute). It only has a very small reward [$1.04-1.10] however I have managed to turn 1unit into approx 15units over a couple of days. I found that this method takes a fair bit of personal self control to make sure you don't start betting on completely random events because you have a winning streak, but when you are using very large sums of money, the rewards are also large.

But anyway, does anyone else have a betting system that they have either learned from elsewhere or created themselves that they are willing to share?

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